Saturday, November 23, 2019

Live Cuties IV

An embarrassment of riches

Remember when porn was scarce, only a few years ago? There was not much of it, and you had to pay handsomely for it. Not to mention exposing yourself as buying it.

Now, I'd almost worry. Go online anonymously and type in one word, and you'll be neck deep in fresh porn, for free, for as long as you can handle it.
I don't know what to think about that.

Some say that it fries your brain, because of the non-stop dopamine hits, similar to being on drugs all the time. Causing impotence and depression.  I wonder if that's true. It seems to be for many.

your brain on porn


This video is a curious mix of pictures of very cute girls, and pictures of women being debased and dominated in various ways.
Which is unpleasant in real life, but it is a fact that many people, and not the least many women, have erotic fantasies like that. It is extremely common. Once in a book store in a major European city, I checked out their shelf of erotic novels. And all of the ones I looked at, every single one, was sado-masochistic, and usually with women as the bottoms.
And there should be nothing wrong with that, in fantasy and controlled scenarios. We all have the same lizard brain with the same base urges, and we'll never get over it if we only try to suppress it.

Link to video.

Not in the eyes

Many find semen on faces sexy, but avoid the eyes. And if it gets in the eyes, it's likely to hurt as hell, and you should wash it out immediately to avoid infection.

Though maybe your mileage may vary, for porn actors get spunked in the face all the time.


Friday, November 22, 2019


But really, where do I meet girls like this?

A girl of considerable talents

Again, so good looking too.

I just wonder, how can any man born of woman satisfy her, except with a 1 liter bottle?


 Tattoos are sexy because they are forbidden, not despite it.

Live Cuties IV